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OUTDOOR | Waterproof Collection

Refined and posh, the WATERPROOF OUTDOOR COLLECTION is the last outstanding, fashioned creation. Thanks to the acrylic cotton fabrics and the covered cushions, these pillows may always be left outside, without being damaged. The performance fabric is crafted of highly saturated, U.V. stable pigments that don't fade, it resists mold and is durable and easy to clean.

The WATERPROOF OUTDOOR COLLECTION boasts refined high quality fabrics, with new texture and tone-on-tone, that completely identified the mood of this creation, providing timeless elegance into any decor.

This collection has been designed and created to play with the different colours, according the style and the moods you prefer. Lo DÉCOR proposes 6 Outdoor Collections, each one with 4 different nuances, from the blu Ocean, light blu, grey, brown, orange and white.

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